We are so excited for you that you will be attending a tournament with your team!  Please follow the steps below to create a reservation within your team's block!

Your group contact will send you an email that will provide you with a link to your team's block.  That email will look like this:  

When you "Click Here to Book Your Room" you will be directed to the group block page that looks like this:

Select your Check-In date and your Check-Out date.  Then you'll see the "View Rooms" button light up.


When you choose to "View Room", you'll be taken to the site where you'll see how many rooms are available at what rate.  If the options are to your liking, you'll select "Book Now".

You will then move on to the section where you'll enter all of your personal and billing information.  This information will be sent to the hotel with your team so the hotel can confirm those reservations.  

If you decide you have selected the incorrect dates, you can click "Edit My Booking" and modify the dates you chose.  

You will then process through your reservation like normal and once you have completed the information, you will select 

Please remember that we are always here to support you through your booking process.  You can call us between 9 am and 6 pm EST Monday - Friday, and also on Saturday from 9 am - 1 pm EST.  

I hope this helps!