To start a block of rooms for your team, follow the hotel options link provided to you after registering for the event. On the landing page, there will be two options "Single Room" and "Group Block". You will select "Group Block".  

After selecting "Group Block" the site will ask you to select the dates you would like your team to stay.  Once you've selected the dates, you will select "Search Hotels" and the site will navigate you to a list of hotel options.  

The hotels are sorted by the distance from the venue where the event is located.  You can also search and filter the hotel options with amenities like free breakfast, indoor pool, free wifi, etc., and even by price. These filter options are located on the left-hand side of the webpage. 

After you decide which hotel your team will be staying, you will go to the drop down under each night and select the number of rooms you need for each night.  For example, your team has 15 players staying June 5th checking out June 10th.  You will go to each date between June 5th and June 10th and select 15 rooms.  Then to the right of the dates, you will see "Block Rooms", press this button to continue the blocking process.  On the following page, you will enter the requested information.  

Once you complete the Group Block form and agree to the rules and policies, you will get two email notifications.  The first is to let you know that your group block was successful, and the second is a "Booking Invitation" that you can forward to all of the members of your team.  Your team will be able to follow the link in the invitation to book their rooms within your block. 

NOTE: You are not financially responsible for any of the rooms within your block.  Your credit card information will be requested as a part of the procedure, but each individual family is responsible for reserving their own rooms with their own financial information.  Any rooms that are not reserved will be released back to the hotel at no charge.