We here at PSE strive to cultivate good relationships with our hotel partners to ensure long term agreements are upheld and our guests receive the best experience possible.  Most of our hotel partners will offer us the "Lowest Available Rate" which guarantees that our guests are receiving a lower rate than any other guests directly through the hotel.  The lowest available rate excludes rates offered to hotel rewards members, military or senior discounts, and AAA discounts.

PSE works hard with hotel partners to honor the agreement to offer our guests the lowest rate, however, with over 600 events around the United States and Canada and thousands of hotel partners, we also depend on our guests to help keep us accountable.  If you are aware that the hotel for your event is offering a lower rate than what PSE is providing, please submit a support request here with the details of your concern and we will verify the discrepancy and resolve as needed.  

As stated, most of our hotel partners agree to offer the lowest rate available, however, we respect some of our other hotel partners decision not to offer the lowest rate available.  If your hotel is not offering the lowest rate available it will be disclosed in the policy section of the Hotel Details as follows:

"Pse Event Housing tries very hard to get all hotels to guarantee the lowest available rate. This hotel is offering a very competitive room rate, however, Pse Event Housing or the hotel cannot guarantee the room rate offered is the lowest available rate for same room type and dates."

We hope this helps!